Kasam 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Today: Reporter Taunts Malaika


In the last episode of Kasam, we had seen that Malaika gets to meet with Tanuja as Tanuja gets hit by her car. On the accident point, people get to gather and starts cursing Malaika badly. Malaika gets more tensed and I have to take this girl to the hospital immediately. The crowd there threatens her and she gets more tensed.

KasamIn the office, Rishi gets restless and says to the members of the meeting that he is not feeling well. The meeting then continues and Rishi thinks on that why is he feeling restless like this as if anything is wrong. Malaika calls Rano and felt more tensed. Rano is busy in talking with Manpreet. She ignores the call and says to Manpreet that Malaika also likes Rishi.

Manpreet gets shocked first at this and then gets happy for Rishi. He says to Rano that it will be a perfect match. Rano gets happy and asks Manpreet that how he gets agree this time for Rishi’s marriage. Manpreet says that Malaika is a nice girl and now I am also determined that Tannu will never come back. Rano gets happy and hugs him. Later on, Rishi talks about the deal to the members.

On the accident site people says to Malaika to take the girl home and get her treat with your family doctor. Malaika thinks on and then calls Rishi and tells him about the accident. She then thinks on and takes Tanuja to home. The temple lady is still praying for Rishi and Tannu to get unite soon. Malaika comes home and the family members get tensed to see the crowd.

Malaika tells them all about and then calls Rishi. Rishi says that he will come to her in some moments. In today’s episode, we are going to see interviewer come to take Malaika’s interview. Malaika tells them that she is the daughter of Subhash Malhotra. The interviewers then taunt her father and say that you are like your father. Now it will be interesting to see that how will Rishi react when he see Tanuja injured. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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