Kasam 6th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv Video: Rishi Stops Tanuja


Rishi who has complained the stealing of his wallet, when he was asked by the Inspector to show his image to make sure that the wallet is his. He shows them the image which gives the proof that the wall is his and the inspector gives him back. He then confronts Tanuja who has been apprehended by them for stealing it, he advises him to not doing anything like this which will go to affect his career or life.


Then from somewhere they brought the real thief and she recognises him a real culprit. They leave her and when she goes back to the office she was again confronted by the receptionist about her coming late to the office. Everyone in the office was preparing for Manpreet’s birthday which is today and the staff suggests her to give him a surprise that she will go to present the cake for his birthday by giving it to him in the conference room when he is right now. Rishi smiles while Manpreet was talking to someone and it was the wrong number. Rishi wishes his a happy birthday and he is literally very shocked to hear this from him.

Rishi gives him the surprise which he brought for him and after looking at all these he becomes very happy and went to outside as Rishi has given him special and amazing vouchers. Tanuja at that time enters the room with a cake in her hand and as she is about to go aside Rishi who is trying to set his shoes suddenly stands up and his whole cake was on his face. Rishi becomes very angry after watching what Tanuja has done and is still standing in front of him. After looking at all this she is very confirmed that she will be fired now by him. She packs up all her things and turns out from the office but Rishi then asks all of them about the girl, everyone tells him that she has left and will not going to come back again.

Tanuja was very shocked after meeting Rishi and he is also very much distressed to know that he is very much ill-tempered and annoyed all the time. Beeji was going somewhere and she finds her n the way and suddenly without asking anything she appoints her as his nurse or caretaker or whatever she wants to call herself and is taking back to the home right now. Beeji when finds that she is not accepting her proposal and will go to use any other method for making her accept it. At home, Rano was worrying about Raaj who is not picking her call since a very long time, when he comes home he scolds him for not picking up her phone and they argue over this and when they suddenly find Tanuja bringing Beeji into the room and they call the doctor again.

They all agrees to let Tanuja stay in the house. When the next day Rishi suddenly comes inside the home, Tanuja was going somewhere and she suddenly runs across to get out of the house but this didn’t work and Rishi stops her.

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