Kasam 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Rishi And Tanuja In Same Room


In the last episode of Kasam, we had seen Rano and Raaj hiding the truth about the girls from everyone in the house. They say that these girls are Rano’s relative and come from faraway land. She then says that I had given them a place in the store room to do household work. Beeji gets happy and says that I want to keep Tanuja with me. She then says that I am happy to have this girl here around me. Rishi gets angry at Rano and Raaj and says that they had lied to him. Raaj and Rano get tensed about his behaviour.


Nidhi and Vidhi get happy thinking that they can roam around the house freely. Tanuja comes there and says to them not to do anything wrong. Tanuja then recalls Sandy’s words and says that I have to move on the right path. She then thinks that how will Rishi react when he see me at his office tomorrow. Manpreet goes to Rishi and says him not ton worry about anything. Rishi then tells him that he feels something strange about that girl. He says that I feel something about her. Manpreet thinks on that how will  Rishi react when he came to know that Tanuja is his new secretary. He then leaves making an excuse.

Next day Tanuja goes to the office and tells Radhika that she loves wearing the watch in right hand. Rishi peeps at her and recalls that Tannu also like to wear the watch in right hand. Then Tanuja goes to her cabin and manages everything there. Rishi peeps at her and comes beside her. Tanuja turns and Rishi gets shocked seeing her there.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Tanuja and Beeji are playing ludo in Beeji’s room. Rishi stands beside her and stares her. Tanuja notices this and feels comfortable. Now it will be interesting to see that did Rishi can recall his love and Tanuja. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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