Kasam 9th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Colors Tv: Rishi & Tanuja At Temple

Rishi Kasam

Rishi and malika come to hotel and Malika tells him that she felt happy when she got to know that he wants to meet her. And asks him that has he loved someone but Rishi asks her to look towards future. Then Manpreet and Nakul come cheering and ask rishi not to punish him hard but rishi taunts him and sits heading towards a seprate table.

Yuvi and Divya come with Malika’s parents. Rano notices ahaana’s off mood and thinks that she is not happy with Rishi is moving on, and thinks to get Rishi married with huge celebrations. Rano says that its her son’s first marriage but Ahaana corrects its second and she replies that last one was not of complete 24 hous. Then Rishi asks Malika truly that why she wants to marry him. Then she says that she is in love with him from her first sight and then he asks her about her last two husband, and she says that they betrayed her and left her but rishi gives her a surprise, and that was her both ex husbands Tejas and Viren.

Rishi Kasam

Then they both tells everyone that Malika loves only property and money and diamonds as she have sold their house too and got them trapped in dowry case. She leaves, and Tejas tells Rishi to not to trust any girl easily and rishi tells him that he loved a girl who left him saying that she will be back but never came back that’s why he hates girls.

There Tanuja arrives at Mumbai station and thinks about what story has been written in this city and sandy says that she is made for someone to complete someone’s promise. There Tanuja sees moon and feels like she is very close to her destination and love just then she sees a temple and gets attracted towards it. and walks towards it.

Then malika cries hugging her mom and her father asks Raaj that why they called them, to insult their daughter and Rishi says that they lied to him about her divorce reason and they leave.

Then Rano accuses Rishi and says that he still loves that Tannu who killed them all with her and says that she hates her and rishi shouts mom and leaves. Then Rishi stops her car where he met Tannu last and recalls her saying thay she loved him but didn’t complete her promise of coming back.

There Tanuja prays to meet the person she is made for, and Rishi says that he hates her now and cries shouting that if she listening him or not. Tanuja felt that someone is calling her by Rishi’s voice. we will see Rishi is in temple and Tanuja comes there too.

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