‘Kasam’ Latest Spoiler Update: Tanuja & Rishi Gets Kidnapped By Terrorists!


It can clearly seem between Rishi and Tanuja that, Rishi still miss the Tanu and somehow as Tanuja looks the same like here, so the emotions which Rishi is hiding inside her is somehow coming to the verge of revelations.

And there are a lot of tragic situations which are coming ahead of Tanuja, Rishi and Malaika in the very famous and renown Tv serial Karam Tere Pyaar ki. While in the upcoming episode we will going to see that Rishi and Tanuja will go to get some time along as they will going  to get captured by some terrorists and is now tied to each other.

kasam-20th-september-2016It might happen that Malaika and Rishi will get caught by the terrorists and Tanuja will be the one who will go to Save Rishi’s life and then Rishi will going to owe one more favor to her for saving his life from all the problems.

As the serial gets ahead we will also go to see the fear and possibly cautiousness from Malaika’s side for Rishi, as all the situations are bringing Rishi close to Tanuja and Malaika surely don’t want this to happen to her.

So the Possible thing which the viewers will go to see in the upcoming episode will be Malaika, who will go to try his level best to save rishi from coming close to Tanuja and developing any emotions or love for her. While tragic love story will get more of tragedy and emotional scenes as Tanuja will going to face many problems, because Malaika doesn’t want her to come close to Rishi and she can do anything for this.

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