Kasam Spoiler: Two New Actresses To Be Seen In The Show


Kasam, a show which is going on very serious tone and after happening a lots of tensions and unwanted scenarios. The story ahs taken a serious step when everybody comes to know that Pawan is already married with Saloni and all things is being known by his mother, but she didn’t tell anyone. When this thing gets to now by Rano and her family they all gets very angry over this topic. They all breaks the relation with them, but before they do it, Rishi has already run away with Tannu and they all start their search for both of them, but Pawan who is so much annoyed and angry over both of them, starts searching with his bad goons for them.


When he is about to get him, the fate gets changed and they successfully runs away from him. Then they get a new enemy Sandy who is an old lover of Neha, he starts wandering for Rishi and to take his revenge from Rishi but he mistakenly shoots Tannu who tries to save him from Sandy. She gets shot and due to excessive bleeding she dies to at the same place. Rishi who is very shocked and goes into depression because of Tannu’s death starts getting dreams in broad daylight about Tannu and even after her sad demisal, he still thinks that she will going to come back. One day she tells him that she will going to come back to him to home for paving for her promise which she has made to him for staying with him till his last time.

Sandy’s friend whose wife is pregnant has some connection with Tannu and Rishi’s love story, She give birth to a beautiful girl and it was linked to Rishi somehow. Rishi who has lost all hope of getting Tannu back start blaming the goddess for snatching her from his life and making him stay alone. He gets very hurt too, when he didn’t get the thing or what Tannu’s soul has told to him about coming back to him. The daughter who has taken birth in the house of Sandy’s friend is named as Tanuja.

The show takes a leap of 20 years and after 20 years of staying alone, Rishi who was in deep shock and is depressed due to losing Tannu, becomes one of the most successful and top tycoon of the world. The thing is that he is till alone and is waiting for the day he will get back his Tannu in his life.

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