Kasam Spoiler Updates: Rishi And Tanuja Will Come Closer To Each Other


The things in the life of Rishi will never going to come normal as the show is again bringing some very dramatic situations as the show will going to show it in the coming episodes. The things will go bad when, Rishi will going to ask Tanuja for dancing and Malaika will going to go very ancious and furious over seeing the pair of Rishi-Tanuja dancing together. But the situations and moments which is passing between Tanuja and Rishi was very much lovely that they forget everyother thing happening in the room and they got lost into eachother’s world. This makes Malaika much more angry over btoh of them.

KasamThe things got bad as Malaik was not asked by anyone and everyone was concerned about the marriage of Tanjaa and Rishi. The situations will going to unveil a furious and unexpected side of Malaika over the coming time and episodes too, she will surely going to do something to ruin the happy times between Tanuja and Rishi. Then in the coming episodes we will going to see as while Tanuja and Rishi comes to enjoy their honeymoon, while a sudden kidnapping of Tanuja changes everything and ruins their plan. Rishi later saves Tanuja and they both takes shelter in a store room somewhere.

Then Tanuja while playing a prank scares Rishi, but this doesn’t work and Rishi laughs at her stupid try of scaring her. Then Rishi pledges to take revenge from her and he also takes the get-up of a ghost and with a Knife, while he comes back from work late. Tanuja gets so much scared seeing a ghost with a knife, the ghost (Rishi) stabs her several times and she is screaming because she is very scared. Then Rishi later reveales himself and tells her that the he and the knife both were fake.

This moment will going to bring some more amazing and lovely moments in their life and in their currently going-on honeymoon. So guys stay tuned with us for more amazing and latest updates and spoilers about the Daily Soaps and famous Tv serials.

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