Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Malaika Agree To Marry Rishi


In the last episode Rishi and Malaika hidden behind a wall and another couple was hidden where Tanuja arrived. The terrorist finally got the lady and called her to come out. Terrorist shot the couple with multiple bullets at once. Tanuja hold her breathes while terrorist moved towards her. One terrorist pointed gut at Rishi’s forehead and announced that he found him. They took Rishi into the hall. Tanuja and Malaika got inside a room. Tanuja asked Malaika about Rishi. Tanuja left the room. The goons beaten Rishi.

KasamTanuja hurried downstairs and was shocked to saw Rishi was beating them all badly. One of the terrorist pointed gun at Rishi. One of them said that if they don’t get a bullet proof car in 5 minutes then they kill Rishi. Bedi family was travilling towards the hotel. The terrorist started the countdown as it’s time for Rishi to die. Tanuja found a knife lying nearby. The police planned the attack. Tanuja attacked terrorist’s arm with knife. The terrorists hold guns over Rishi and Tanuja. The police entered the hall and was shooting all around.

Rishi helped the girls to make them flee and one of the terrorists saw Rishi. Tanuja saw terrorist’s gun pointed towards Rishi and ran between the bullet and him. Rishi remembered about Tannu and carried her outside. Rishi carried Tanuja into his car towards hospital. Bedi family arrived there. Malaika came and hug Rano. Raaj asked about Rishi. Malaika said that Rishi has took Tanuja to hospital as she was shot with a bullet.

In today’s episode Rishi enters room and asks Malaika if she would marry him. Malaika says yes.

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