Kasam Tere Pyaar ki : 4 Strong Reasons Why Kratika Replaced With Shivani Again Find Out

Kratika Sengar As Aarti

Kasam: Tere Pyar Ki, is one of the biggest and most loved Tv show on the very famous channel Colours. The show is premiered very firstly on 7th March 2016 and the show only shows growth in the TRP and viewership till now. The show is being produced by Ekta Kapoor, but the biggest thing which is affecting the show’s TRP and fan following are decreasing day by day is the replacing of the lead actress Tanu.

kratikaThe character of Tanu which is being played by Tanu gets replaced by Shivani Tomar which was first played by Kratika Sengar Dheer. But this change didn’t seem to work out as the viewership is decreasing day by day, the some of the reasons of the falling of fans is given below:
1. The couple of Kratika and Sharad looks very lovely and creates that special bond which makes everyone felt that they are really in love and are not acting, their sizzling and sensual chemistry gets so many praises and appreciation from both makers and viewers. This thing didn’t work out with Shivani as she didn’t look that much impressive with Sharad, it doesn’t mean that she is not acting good, her acting was good but she is not creating the flairs and sparks which were between real Tanu and Rishi.
2. Real Tanu’s means Kratika’s performance was very brilliant and her convincing avatar and timed dialogue delivery was very much appreciated as she looks very much convincing while doing the role, but this didn’t get very much applied in the case of Shivani.
3. Kratika looks quite impressive and she actually looked like an innocent girl who is literally stuck in a very twisted world which is being controlled by fate. Shivani, on the other hand, looked like just another actress who is filling in for her. Although Shivani played a completely different girl, people couldn’t stop thinking about Kratika in her place.
4. The very basic point about Kratika is that she is doing her part very amazingly and made her place as Tanu in everyone’s heart and then also her convincing couple with Rishi was very much missing since she left the show, so that might be the biggest reason why Kratika got the role back as the viewers were literally missing her as the real Tanu.

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