Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Kratika Sengar (Tanu) To Get Replace With Shivani Tomar?

The Kasam serial is one of the most loving right now and because of the plotting and story-line of it makes it more and more interesting by every passing day. The Serial is starting on the note where two families have a very good bonding and have more than just friendship.

One day it was found by the most respected priestess of Maa Kaali that the daughter and son of the families are bound to marry each other and the girl will going to play as a shield for the  boy and without her, he can be nothing and can get hurt easily anytime. Then she also predicts that the boy’s life is in danger if he didn’t merry the girl before completing 221 years of age.


Then suddenly one day the family of the boy shifts to outside the India into a foreign country and because of this they both gets separated from each other. It’s been very long since they visited their home in India again, Then one day when they thought of marrying their son, they look out for the girl  which they leaved in India and until they were there everything was going very happily everyone was happy and living their life but one day in an accident the parents of the girl died and both girl and her younger sister becomes alone then they turn to live with their uncle and aunt who also have two daughters but were not enough rich to match them and they were greedy too.

Then they somehow fooled the parents of the son and make their relationship with their daughter  because the parents of the son was very much rich the uncle and aunt were greedy too, so that some how satisfies their hunger for money. Then the story gets ahead but those who are destined to marry didn’t know until the very last time when they both knows that they were the couple who have to marry to stay alive.

Then but the father of the boy was fooled by the uncle of the girl that their daughter is the girl who is destined to marry their son, but that’s not the truth. Then the boy knows the truth and begins to win hearts but the girl was so much into the things that she cannot possibly accept him.

Then the marriage of both of them gets fixed  but not with each other, and with two other peoples. The story gets twist when the boy knows that that the guy who will going to marry the girl is already married and is doing this because of his own favors but nobody understands him and the story is still going on as destiny can never be undone by even the god.

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  1. In our school there is hardly anyone who do not see kasam .we love the bonding of shared and kritika .if the actress is changed a large no.of fans will decrease. Also it’s trip would be very poor As now it is seen in ikrs . We cannot think of anyone in place of kratika. …n……..

  2. Plz plz zzzzzzzzzxxxzxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, zz, don’t change tanu plzzzzzzzzzz yrrrrr we seriously luv kratika as tanu ar kuchh Nhi to humare bare me hi such lo plz hrr bar TRP hi jaruri to Nhi ya twist Lana jaruri to Nhi plz mat Karo Esa plzzzzzzzzzz sorry for that but please don’t change kratika

    • I seriously luvvvvvvv this show apni life se Jada ek bhi show miss Nhi Kiya mene ab me Jim people Hu kratika come back Esa lgta he rishi ko Nhi Hume early chhod kr chali gym ho tum plz cm back we miss u