Kaushalya Does Rituals For Grandchildren! Mere Angne Mein 7th August 2016 Latest Written Episode Updates


Preeti talks on phone and says her friend has got a baby and she is calling her. She asks permission from Shanti. Shanti says fine go. Preeti leave. Riya also comes and asks if she can go to market. Shanti thinks if she is going to hospita.

Riya says no but to the market. Shanti says ok. Shanti and Kaushalya talks. Shanti ssys everybody is getting small memeber in their house and soon they will also get new born baby. Shivam gets angry and thinks what Riya said. He tells one girl that he is going. Preeti goes to meet Lucky. Preeti says she was unable to bring food. He says never mind. She asks why he was talking to Shanti and because of him Shanti is thinking she is pregnant. Preeti talks  about Mohit. Nandu says what that Rj.


Preeti says no thats another thing and she will make food for him here. Sarla says Rani you should bring food for Ashok. Ashok asks Sarla she is worried about him. Sarla gets angry and says why she  has to see Ashok with Nirmala all time. Nirmala holds Ashok’s hand.

Sarla beats Nirmala. Ashok asks them to stop it. Ashok shouts on Sarla and asks why you stopping me as you made me to marry her and now she is his wife. Ashok asks Nirmala to make tea for him. Pari and Sarla talks. Rani brings tea for them. Pari shouts on them. Rani fights with her and throws water on her. Shivam and Riya goes. A man teases Riya and Shivam gets angry. He goes and fights with him. Riya stops him and says leave him. Riya tells him not to be angry so fastly.

Riya was not very sure of having a baby, while on the other hand the Priest tells the Kaushalya about some methods and rituals which will going to pave her ways for grandchildren.

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