Kavach 18th June 2016 Episode 3 Updates: Manjulika Tortures Rajbeer & Pari Will Get Scared


The newly started show of Colors TV which is much popular as Kavach has started ruling over the heart of serial lovers. The show has come uo by replacing the most trending show of Colors TV i.e. Naagin. Kawach is moving with a good TRP. The show had its 2 telecast before and today the show will have its third telecast.

In the last telecast of Kavach we saw that Pari heard a sound when she was sleeping. Maid came in Pari’s room and put the milk on table. She saw Ghungroo there and imagined Manjulika dancing wearing that. Kammo Dadi saw her and thought that why she wants to dance at night as if she doesn’t know that only ghosts dance at night. Daadi toom the ghungroo into the kitchen and burned them. Manjula writhes in pain and a dancing lady emerges from ghungroo. Gas stove got switched off. Manjulika shouts that she cannot burn her ghungroo.


Pari’s mehandi ceremony starts. Raj beer was ready and looked himself in mirror. Manjulika stretched his hair and Rajbeer felt pain of that. She injures his doll’s face with hair and Rajbeer starts bleeding from mouth. Rajbeer was confused that what is happening to him and he moved out from there. Kammo Daadi saw Manjulika and asked whi is she. Asked asked with whom she came bride or groom ? She was tensed to see her. Rajbeer came there and called Manjulika as his friend. Dance party started and Manjulika thought to make Rajbeer as her dog.

Tonight in Kavach we will see that Manjulika will dance with Rajbeer. Pari will feel embarrassed. Manjulika said that she will control Rajbeer now. Saroj will come there and will say that black spirit is haunting on this house and she is a devil one.

Also we will see that Manjulika will control Rajbeer’s body and will torture him. Rajbeer will shout in pain and Pari will cry seeing him. Pari will scream and will call everyone there. Keep you eyes on the show and don’t skip to read its updates at The News Recorder.

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