Kavach Latest Spoiler Updates: Paridhi Attacks Rajbir’s Father!

Kavach spoiler updates

India has a trend to make shows on supernatural powers and paranormal activities, The show Kavach is based on the same manner and on same plot, where a women who has come into the house of a family who were residing very happily.

Then one day they welcome a women who wants some money and a place to reside somewhere and they mistakenly give them the space thinking that the woman is innocent and is in need to help. Them suddenly they start to see that the main member of the family who is a well settled person, gets to act strange to every family member and start following the women to whom they have given shed to stay and work to get her livelihood.

Kavach spoiler updates

They all find it strange that she is doing some black magic to control him and make him totally in his favor. One day when they find her doing something wrong and is doing black magic in her room they warn her to stop, but when she even try to kill his wife, they all gets mad and finally end his empire and all the rituals she was doing, but before doing this they consult this with a good priest and they all do it very carefully and put her on the place where she has decided to put the wife of the head of the family.

The show starts when the son of the head marries a girl and she was already marked by the daughter of the wicked women and she starts following her until she marries the son, and one day the spirit of the girl makes the newly wedded wife to loosen and unlock the gate of the casket in which her mother was locked.

The story then starts, when the women and priest who locked the door gets to know that the wicked women is released now.

They both didn’t leave any chance to make the family fight with each other and the most biggest thing is that the most eldest of them is being possessed by the wicked women and is not alive any more, when the priest try to give them protection against the wicked women, wicked one gets through that part to not them reveal the truth.

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