Kawach 14th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Arhaan Will Kill Manjulika & Saudamini


An amazing episode of the thrilling and scaring Tv serial Kawach. Paridhi gets to home while finding and searching for her mom and she was in danger because both Saudamini and Monjulika were there and torturing her mother. Lord Hanuman when prayed by Pari to save her mother, shows his miracle and saves her mother. Somebody saved her mother but the face was not revealed to viewers, her mother asks about what happened with her and Pari thanks to the god. While Pari was searching him for thanking him, a person (Arjun Bijlani) who is playing as the god’s sent angel, who has also saved her father.


Pari thinks of him as someone sended by Saudamini to kill his father. He introduces him as ‘Jinn’ and he promises her to give Saudamini’s punishment which she has done with her, all her wrong doings. Minty starts falling for the doctor and she straightly denies to it, but this thing hurst and makes Rajveer to doubt on her statement. Arhaan listens to MAnjulika and Saudamini talking to eachother and he gets very curious about what they were talking. Arhaan have a plan for finding all this out about them,while Arhaan and Pari was talking about their motive while Rajveer listens to them and his doubt changes to belief that, Pari is cheating on him.

Saudamini thinks that her powers are not enough to tackle Pari, while the bad priest tell her that she is becoming less powerful and he orders her to take the form of an Eagle. He advises Manjulika to go in the house and bring the person who has made Saudamini becomes less powerful and loses her power. Rajveer when talks to Pari about his meeting with Arhaan and she try to misguide him but Rajveer doubt is getting stronger and stronger with the time against him. Their relation is going on a wrong way and all this is because of the misunderstandings which was created with the time.

Manjulika finds Arhaan with strange conditions and starts making her minds against him, then she confronts him and ask him about protecting Pari. He is way much stronger from her and she begs for her mistake from him, and is giving her due punishments for her doings.

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