Kawach 15th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Online: Saudamini Kills Panditji


In the last episode of Kawach, we had seen that Rajbeer is trying to humiliate Pari and tries to get close to her. First Pari doesn’t understand that he is not Rajbeer but then Rajbeer possessed her. She gets shocked and asks him that who is he. Rajbeer says that he is not her Rajbeer but he will get her at any cost.

KawachPari gets shocked and gets out of the room. She meets Saudamini in the out of the room and she gets shocked. Saudamini says to Pari that why is she getting shocked. She says that this time, I had done nothing this all is happening with you as written in your destiny. She says that I am now waiting for the time when you will come back to me for help.

Pari gets shocked and Saudamini says to her that she is waiting for the time when she comes to her for help. She leaves and Pari thinks on. She then gets shocked when Rajbeer comes from behind. Dadi in the hospital is thinking about Rajbeer and gets to know that he had gone to the house. Dadi says that how can this be possible. She senses something wrong and comes to the house again.

In the house, Pari goes to the temple where Rajbeer is unable to enter. Dadi comes there and gets hide seeing everything. Pari wakes up and then finds Rajbeer alright. All the members get Tipsy and taunt Pari. Later on, Pari talks to Dadi and Dadi ask her that we will go to talk to a saint. Pari then goes to Tipsy when Rajbir is there and gets his hanky. She then meets Ritu and warns her that she can’t think to do anything.

Pari and Dadi go to the saint and the saint says them to take Rajbir in the temple for one night. On the other side, Ritu calls Rajbir and threatens him to do suicide. Rajbir gets tensed and goes to meet her. Pari looks him too and follows him. She then reaches to Ritu’s house and gets shocked.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Ritu tells her brother that their plan is get ruined. On the other side, Saudamini kills the saint when he is informing Pari. Pari gets shocked when Rajbeer says to her that he will kill anyone.

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