Kawach 19th November 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Rajbeer Is Taken To Hospital


In the last episode of Kawach, we had seen that Amal falls by having the juice and Dadi ask Rajbeer to get Ganga Jal. Jolly gets out from Rajbeer’s body and smirks. They then take Amal to the hospital and Pari gets in the ambulance as a doctor. Amal gets up and Pari tells that how did she change the glass of milk. Then Jolly come in the way and make their ambulance gets fall from the cliff. Amal, Doctor and Pari gets safe and Pari asks Amal to go to the temple.

KawachRajbeer then gets angry to see Sayoni and Vikranth together as he is possessed by Jolly. He then asks Sayoni to call him Bhai Jaan and Sayoni look on. Vikranth in the house is shouting and says that this all mess up is going on till when they had come for the marriage. He then says that they are now breaking this marriage. Rajbeer gets angry and Vikas leave from there. He then says to Sayoni to pack her bag.

Then they go to get Sayoni and gets shocked to find a letter from her room. Jolly in Rajbeer’s body take Sayoni from there and Vikas come to save her. Jolly tells him everything and tries to kill him. Vikas tries to get an escape and draws a circle with the ash. Rajbeer gets out of the circle and Jolly possessed him again. Rajbeer gets in Ritu and Kabeer’s car and Rajbeer’s car gets hit by the tree. Ritu and Kabeer get escaped from there and Pari saves Rajbeer.

Ritu comes and acts to be tensed for him. Kabeer starts badmouthing against Pari but Shreya slaps him defending Pari. Rajbeer also scolds Ritu a lot and they leave. Amal gets the colour and they make it smear. Jolly then was unable to enter the house and gets fume seeing Rajbeer and Pari together. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Rajbeer and Pari are fighting with Saudamini and Rajbeer stabs her. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kawach like this.

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