Kawach 1st October 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv Online: Rajbeer Gets Angry On Pari


In the last episode of this thrilling and amazing show Kawach that Pari was very worried and was looking for Rajbeer’s life, she them remembers her mother and she comes in front of her. She then asked her is the life of Angel immortal, on this her mother tells her that the life of angel is quite longer than normal humans but they are not immportal, they can die when they want. Arhaan comes there and ask her to come with him, she denies to this and also tells him about the meaning of life of a human. and also tells her that she will never come to that world leaving Rajbeer behind, Arhann on this gets quite shocked as he wants to help her and not to take her out somewhere.

KawachPari goes to Saudamini’s cave and see Rajbeer there but he is in very bad condition and unconscious, she gets very sad and cries for that moment. Manjulika comes there and PAri confronts them and ask what they are thinking of doing to him, MManjulika tells her that she wants to marry Rajbeer and will going to do this at any cost. Pari on this gets very angry and confronts her while warning her not to come close to her, she also tells her that they will turn Rajbeer into a spirit and will marry her then, Saudamini comes there and tells her that too.As manjulika and Saudamini are preparing to do the rituals PAri is worrying how to stop them and this situation is getting worse with the time.

As Pari try to frees Rajbeer and ask her to run away from there, but Shakti holds her leg and then try to hold her again but pAri Hits her on the head and runs away from there. Rajbeer asks PAri to get out from his life and never comes back, he then holds a man’s collar and ask him why he make her sister pregnant and now he is refusing to marry her.

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