Colors TV Kawach 21st August 2016 Written Updates Episode 21: Rajeev & Pari To Get Divorced


The show starts and we see rajveer adds pari’s ring and chain in bowl and Shakti says they will pick jewellery with closed eye and he/ she have to do what the owner of jewellery. Natasha picks pari’s chain and ring and pari asks her to mimic her serials and then minty picks arhaan’s chain and does what he says.

Then pari picks rajveer’s chaqin and ria asks her ti kiss him and she does then arhaan picks rajveer’s ring and he asks him to do arm wresting. Pari sees her ring on Natasha and goes behind her but Shakti stops her and says that he will get it. There arhaan wins and rajveer becomes sad, all clap. Shakti finds the ring on table in his room and sudamini praises him, but disappears seeing pari coming inside.


Pari comes and leaves taking that ring. Shakti ask sudamini why didn’t she stop her and she says that if they snactch ring from her she will take it to heera very soon. Arhaan and pari leaves to meet heera and sudamini tries to torture pari but fails, as arhaan takes his huge form and holds pari on his palm. Rajveer sees them going out and thinks that pari is happy with arhaan so he should divorce her. Sudamini goes to tantric and he shows her heera telling arhaan and pari that manjulika entered in pari’s body when she invited her, so she has to remarry rajveer to get rid of manjulika on puranmasi. Sudamini says she will not let this marriage happen. They come home and as pari enter house all says surprise….as its pari and rajveer’s 6 months anniversary.

Then rajveer comes and ria pushes him towards pari and asks to cut cake. Then jagath comes and says that they will have party tomorrow and all becomes happy. Pari goes to her room and thinks how to convince rajveer to marry again, then rajveer comes and says that he will give her divorce after tomorrow’s functions and he has seen her happy with arhaan. She gets shocked.

In the morning dadi and janaki come to pari in her room and gives her jwellery as gift but she denies to take and asks for remarrying rajveer agin. They tell whole family with rajveer that pari and rajverr marrying aging today and all cclap. Sudamini calls Shakti and asks him to stop this marriage at any cost if he wants to save her sister and tells the plan. Pari gets ready ready and sudamini asks her that she will not let this marriage happen. Pari goes downstairs and thiks that during pheras she will throw the ring in havan so that manjulika can be destroyed. Then they are about to dorn garland and rajveer stops pari and throws garland away. He says that he needs divorce from pari and all get shocked.

Jagath shouts on rajveer, then he says she loves arhaan and leaves by his car even arhaan tries to stop him but he doesn’t. Then Natasha alleges pari’s character and she shouts on her saying it is not true. Pari’s mom says that she will take her pari from here and dadi stops her saying that she will talk to rajveer and now no one will allege pari. There arhaan comes behind rajveer and stops him and tells him everything. Then he comes in his real form and says he is a jinn.

Rajveer smiles and sudamini comes from rajveer’s body and says that he must be thinking if she killed rajveer or not? and recalls rajveer captured by her guruji and guruji gave her ring to posses on anyone’s body and giving red ash to her to throw and destroy arhaan forever. She throws ash on arhaan and confines him in a cage. In next episode we will see saudamini gives arhaan’s cage to Shakti and says to give it to her guruji . Guru tells her that if she kills rajveer then manjulika will be freed and pari sees their darama.

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