Kawach 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Colors Tv: Manjulika Kills Vishal


In the last episode we saw that PAri was searching for Saroj but didn’t find her anywhere. Manjulika was inside Pari and somehow was able to get close to rajbeer. The one night the soul of Soudaminicalls the mother of Rajbeer and wakes her up by calling her name in the same way which she used to call her when he was alive.



But then suddenly she saw Paridhi crying on her door gate and goes near to her to ask why is she crying but gets so much scared to see someone else inside her. Then she yells that she has started to take her revenge and to make their way too difficult. and as expected she comes to stop their way by making so many hurdles in their way.

She takes lord Hanuman name and goes on her way, at the home Pari was taken by Sunali’s soul and she aks her to leave her. Soudamini comes and warns to hurt her Daughter-in-law for her revenge. Rajbeer comes and see everyone yelling at night. Everything gets messed up by the souls to make the situation worse and then Rajbeer asks her to leave them alone.

When the next day Pari wakes up she gets shocked to see Mohini besides her, and knowing that Soudamini has come out But everything was going wrong saroj has much more plans to put everything aside and fulfill her plans. There were plans by Heera ji to make everyone wear the Saffron coloured thred to everyone’s hand to protect them from these things and bad souls.

As planned by her Saroj which is being taken by Soudamini didn’t make it’s way to the prayer room and somehow gets stopped by her plan. Pari comes to the room to give the holy thread to her but she somehow managed to deny it. Heera ji tells everyone that Soudamini has come back here to take her revenge but Manjulika which is in Pari’s body suddenly scares away janki.

Then Heera ji again says that she has to capture her somehow before it gets too late for them and it causes their life threatening. Then she tells that how she managed to capture the soul before all this in the past.

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