Kawach 6th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online Recap: Manjulika & Saudamini Fight


Heera tries her best to lock both Manjulika and Saudamini in store room and then she applies the lock. Pari asks when will they get rid of them. Heera says she is doing something to get rid of them permanently. Rajbeer fixes the cameras and then monitors all the activities. Pari comes to the family members and says that she will going to prove that she is right about the spirits. He says he has fixed cameras all around house to prove evil spirits are not in house. She asks which camera he has fixed in store room.


Rajbeer was looking at the monitor all the time. After sometime he gets very shocked to see that she is killing Jagath. Pari when comes to the consciousness and she had forget everything at that time. Rajbeer rushes towards the store room and strangulates, Jagath was very badly hurt. Pari enters and Rajbeer shouts at her to stay away from his dad and says his family is in trouble since she came into his life and says he will divorce her and she should get out of his life. When everybody asked about the situation Rajbeer tells them what had happened there.

Manjulika and Saudamini both of them are out now and are torturing her for not stopping the ritual and also to torturing them. To know the truth Manjulika comes into the body of Pari to know all the things and how they happened. Jagath comes out to see what happened and how the power got disconnected. Majulika goes to the memories of Pari and then she knows that she was trying to stab her Father-in-law.

The whole Family was very shocked and they were discussing about, how can Pari can harm Jagath. Police comes to arrest Pari for attempt to murder. Phupaji says he called police. Constables check Pari in whole house and say she is missing. Inspector says they will find out Pari soon. Phupaji says Pari should be punished. Saudamin in Pari’s body thinks evil spirits will surely know wherever Pari hides.

Pari goes to temple and informs Heera all the incident happened. Heera says someone from her family is helping evil spirits and she needs to find it out. She suggests Pari not to go out as Manjulika must be waiting to enter her body. Pari says she has to prove herself innocent. Heera gives her holy beeds and says evils will not touch her if she holds them. Pari comes out of temple. Manjulika stops her and tries to enter her body, but cannot because of those beeds and gets quite shocked. Pari runs and while she was running her beeds fall down. Pari reaches cliff end. Manjulika laughs how will she save herself. Pari prays hanumanji to save her. A masked spiritual man pulls her back and Manjulika falls feet apart. PAri who is curious thinks that what has made all this thing and how he managed to save her from Manjulika. Man disappears and Heera comes out and says her meditation is complete. Pari asks if she can finish evil spirits now. Heera says yes, they both should find out the way via the special ritual. While doing the ritual they are watching the method to how they can kill them.

Pari reaches the home. Janaki who is trying to hit her but everybody stops her. Now she tells everyone how she can kill both of them but nobody was trying to listen to her.

Natasha calls the police and informs that Pari is now back at the Bundela house. Pari wakes up from garden bench seeing police jeep coming. Family asks who called police. Natasha says she called them. Police catches Pari and she try her best to tell them that she is innocent and even shouts. Shakti says Pari is innocent and he has proof.

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