Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se: 28th August Written Episode Saudamini Shouts Seeing Gurudev Tortures Pari

Saudamini confines arhaan into a cage and shouts that her guruji will kill him then she will destroy bundela family. Heera sees the signs of unusual and gets worried. There saudamini calls Shakti from rajveer’s phone and asjs him to take arhaaan to guruji. She laughs saying that she doesn’t know that I was in raj’s body and pari cries recalling raj’s words. Janaki comes to her and hugs crying.


she asks her that why raj did this. saudamini gives cage to Shakti and says to give it to guruji and not to remove black cloth from it else her powers will be lost and says she will trouble rajveer now. Pari gets worried thinking about rajveer and goes to meet arhaan and gets shocked to see saudamini who says she destroyed arhaan and his powers. Pari runs to jungles and saudamini troubles her and enjoys, but pari runs.

While speeding car Shakti meets with accident with tree and cage falls down on floor, arhaan comes out and is about to see shakti’s face but runs to pari to save her. He comes and asks pari to run to temple and fights with saudamini. Shakti goes to tantric and asks him to come with him. Pari reaches near temple and thinks heera will show her the way to kill manjulika.

But her amid tells that heera has gone to find kalkot parvat and she thinks now who will save her. Arhaan is about to kill saudamini and tantric comes and captures arhaan in a skull, saying he needed a jinh since long ago smiling. Saudamini says she will get that ring from pari. Pari prays to hanumanji and arhaan comes and says that he is going now but she will succeed in her goals.

Saudamini comes and shouts on pari that give her ring else she will kill rajveer. She runs out temple and sees rajveer hanging in sky and gives ring to her crying. Saudamini drops raj and when pari is about to wake him up, she again drags and troubles her saying that she captured manjulika with arhaan’s help, now she will kill rajveer with her guru’s help and she is taking him in guru’s cave.

Pari says that she knows that place and asks for help from hanumanji if he is really there. Shakti comes home and janaki asks him about raj and pari, he says he couldn’t find them but they will come soon, and thinks that they should not come back so that he will get all the property alone. Janaki says that she wants to do pooja with pari and natahsa says that she has gone seeing divorce papers and janaki slaps her, and warns her to mind her tongue.
There guruji tells saudamini that only arhaan could freed manjulika but he killed arhaan. And now if they scarifies the person whom manjulika loves most, she can get freed then. She says that she loves raj and they can scarifies him as he is of no use. Guru says his puppet to ready raj for scarifies. Pari sees this hiding there.

Tantrik asks saudamini to go as he will kill him and pari tries to take out unconscious raj ou, but saudamini comes and troubles her by pushing her from cliff and pari falls down unconscious. She says that now kawach of bundela family is dead and leaves to meet Shakti.

Raj wakes up and asks to freed him but tantric throws ash and he falls again. Pari wakes up. Saudan=mini asks Shakti that they both are dead and now she will kill janaki today………… In next show we will see pari prays devi maa to save her husband and she lights lamp, devi maa comes in her body…….

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