kawach (Kavach) 16th September 2016 Episode: Maunjulika’s Says She Will Get Rajveer At Any Cost


In the last episode we had seen Rajbeer, Natasha and Pari are stuck in Manjulika’s trap. Manjulika says that she will get Rajbeer at any cost. Pari tells her that this will not happen and then gets an idea to get escaped from there. They hide under a tree from where Pari sees Bhavya. She thinks on about her and then gets shocked seeing Natasha unconscious. They take Natasha from there and Manjulika fumes at this.

kawachManjulika comes to Pari and tries to strangulate her. Bhavya comes there and protects Pari. Pari gets thinking on and ask Bhavya that who is she and why is she here. Bhavya tells her that she is her mother and is an angle. She says that she loves a man but unable to marry him and then she give birth to a girl and the girl is you. Pari felt cry and hugs her. Bhavya then informed Pari that she can call Arhaan for help. Then they both do arrangements and calls Arhaan back. Arhaan then says to Pari that he will meet her in the store room.

Next morning all the family members get ready for pooja. Rajbeer looks for Pari and she comes back after meeting Arhaan. She then again goes to meet him in the storeroom where he tells her about how he will get his power back. Pari gets aimed and says that I will do that to save my family.

In the night Pari goes to break the skull and Rajbeer follows her. Arhaan sees Rajbeer following Pari and stops him by burning fire around. Rajbeer was then unable to see Pari and calls for her.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Arhaan and Pari getting the skull broken. Saudamini sees all this and says that I have to catch the one who is now helping Pari in all this. She gets fumes and camera freezes at her. Now it will be interesting to see that what twist did the story get now. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kawach like this.

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