Key Areas to be Focused Upon in IBPS

Key Areas to be Focused Upon in IBPS

The exams under IBPS are becoming more and more competitive due to the drastic increase in the number of applicants every year. The demand for aspiring candidates to work in the banking and financial sector has increased so the focus for all of them is to score well in the exam. We are going to discuss some key areas that a candidate should focus upon to excel in IBPS Exams.

Improving Speed

Speed is one of the factors which play a major role in a candidate’s performance in competitive exams like IBPS Exam. During the exam, candidates must make sure that they read all the questions at least once before solving them. Candidates should solve the easier questions first and mark the harder ones for later. If candidates get stuck in one problem they should not waste much time on it as it can reduce their speed. To increase speed candidates must practice solving mock papers while keeping a stopwatch. Fixing a time for each section and analyzing on how much time they are spending on each topic can improve the speed of the candidate. Candidates should build the mood of solving the questions applying both logic and intuition.

Learn Tricks and Shortcut Techniques

Thousands of candidates apply for IBPS Exams every year but only a few of them get selected. The difference between them and the others is that everyone knows how to find the answer but those who get selected knows how to solve it in a smart way. Aspiring candidates must learn the different tricks and shortcut techniques. This can help them to solve some of the difficult questions very easily. The shortcuts not only help the candidates to solve the question easily but also increase their speed.


The key to being successful in any competitive exam is more and more practice. Candidates should make it a habit solving questions each topic every day, they can practice NCERT maths book to clear their basic concepts. Practicing more will help the candidates to understand the topics clearly. Candidates should also practice mock papers, sample papers and previous years question paper. This will give them an idea about the question pattern and the difficulty level of questions. While solving candidates should mark their weak and strong topics so that they can dedicate more time on their weak sections and polish the strong sections. Also while solving question papers each right answer will give the candidate confidence while wrong answers will make them realize where they are making the mistake.

Create a Fixed Routine

Aspirants should divide their time for all the papers according to the difficulty level of the chapters. By giving time to each subject candidates can know in which topic they can score more and in which topic they need improvement. Aspirants must at least dedicate 1 hour to each subject.

Proper Guidance

All the above-mentioned points are no doubt absolutely necessary for excelling in IBPS Exam. But proper guidance and coaching are also necessary which can increase the chance of success. Candidates should find the best professional help for them which can guide them in the above-mentioned points.

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