‘Kim Kardashian’ Personal Info In Threat As Two Personal Phones, With Millions Of Jewels Stole By Robbers

Kim Kardashian Robbery

Latest News About The Theft Of millions of Pounds worth of Jewellery and the biggest thing is that it has happened with a very renown personality Kim Kardashian at a gun point in Paris.

The news was confirmed by Paris Police officials that ‘Kim Kardashian ‘ the renowned Television personality, socialite actress, model and mother of two and wife of a very famous singer Kayne West was tied up, locked in her bathroom and is threatened with gun while the criminal searched out every expensive and costly thing while ransacking her private apartment in her French Capital in the early hours of Monday Morning.

kim-k-2She doesn’t get any serious situation or gets hurt in this confrontation with robber but she is very much badly shocked with this incident. The further news confirmed that she has to beg for her life from the robbery and ten they leave her unhurt otherwise there would’ve been serious circumstances right now.

Kim returned to the New York and reunited wit her husband West, while also without giving any proper reason for sudden travelling to here. police have got secured the place where the incident has taken place, while there are certain speculations as the investigation is going ahead.

Police are looking for possibilities that at least one of the robbers from the gang might be known to her or could’ve worked with her, whose regular minder Pascal Duvalier was with her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner at the time of the incident as a bodyguard in Paris in the past.

Kim is in quite a shock as her both the phones have been stolen too with the jewellery, so her personal information is in wrong hands now.
The things are getting clear as the robbers escaped was on bikes and on foot but much of the incident was captured on security cameras in the lobby and hallway.

While police are not leaving any possible condition through which they can easily find the location or something which will go to help them get close to the robbers, phone records, investigation of employees and bodyguards that Kim used to have contact with.

Kanye reacted to the situation quite shockingly but he is happy as Kim was unhurt and nothing has happened to her in this very severe situation and doesn’t care about the jewellery or money. Further, News is going to be confirmed and Officials will go to provide with some more information as soon as possible.

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