Know Why? “Daredevil” Season 3 Air Dates Postponed To 2018 By Netflix


There is quite a shocking news for those fans who are waiting for the release dates and upcoming third season of Daredevil as the dates of the third installment has been further postponed  and will not go to premiere on the Netflix for a very long time.

The While the network is giving priority to other Tv series and that the show will further build the Netflix-Marvel Cinematic Universe such as “The Defender’ and many other series. While marking the popularity of the Tv series Daredevil and continuous excellent viewership and praises being done by the critics and viewers for both the 1st and the 2nd season.

marvelThe news was in the buzz since there are confirmations begin to get revealed that the channel will go to first launch the very expected “Luke Cage” which is going to be followed by “Iron Fist” and then by “Defenders” which will go to air in 2017.

But this also points out that “Daredevil” season 3, “Jessica Jones” season 2 and “The Punisher” will not going to premiere till until 2018. So this might not be fair to pre-guess about the show and the plotting while the biggest thing the upcoming Villain the show.

But the biggest rumor which is taking place about the show is that Charlie Cox has stated in the past that the Villain Bullseye would have to be introduced at some point and this is quite possible that the Villain will go to appear in the season 3.

daredevil-2Fans who were in the love of Comic books will definitely go to recall the moment that Bullseye eventually murdered both Elektra which is being portrayed by Elodie Yung and Karen being done by Deborah Ann Woll.

The three names are getting too much of expectancy for announcing the release dates by the Netflix as the following for the show “The Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher” is quite very impressive and will going to be a very awaiting news for everyone.

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