Kosi Ask Thapki What Did You Feed Bihaan! Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th August 2016 Episode

The show starts and we see bauji says bihaan that he will name this house on his name if he wants but thapki stops him saying this. She says their identity is with this home and all memories is with it, shradha and suman also say the same that they came as bride in this house so they will not leave it. Kosi asks bihaan that they can purchase such 2o houses like this and can donate then, they don’t need this house they just want their son back naman agrees.


But bihaan says that he wont leave this house, they will leave together in house with one roof and no relations. Vasu cries and asks thapki to stop bihaan. Thapki pacifies her and asks that everything will get fine soon and leaves, she thinks that she will reunite the family as she recalls naman and kosi conversation saying that they want bihaan for some use/work.

She thinks that something is wrong and she will find the truth till then she cant tell it to anyone and cant let behaan to go far from house. Kosi shoots at vase and thapki gets shocked. She aims at thapki and asks that what he said to bihaan so that he is not leaving from here. Then bauji, suman, vasu, shradha aim at kosi ans say thapki is not alone, bihaan comes and asks whats happening here?

Kosi acts and says that they all were trying to hurt her but he says no one can touch her, he was ready to give life for them but he will take life of them now if they do this. All get shocked. Thapki gets minister’s daughter’s call calling her to an icecream parlour fastly, she goes and meets her.Girl says that papa was beating mumma agin so she got scared and thapki hugs her consoling.

Then girl’s mom comes and asks about her. Thapki explains her to fight back for her rights else her daughter will get learned to get scared like her. She encourages her and leaves. Then she sees a bike and bihaan coming to her and he asks her that he was finding her as he aws worried for her. He asks her to sit on his bike and they go home.

After coming home bihaan takes pillow and sheet and thapki asks where is he going then he says that their ways are different now how can they stay together… she cries and he leaves, humari adhoori kahani plays………..In next show we will see bihaan asks kosi to do grehpravesh again and asks them to wait and goes out, thapki goes behind him and sees he is fixing jaiswal family’s board again

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