Kotigobba 2 9th Day Total Collection Worldwide Earnings On The Box Office

Kotigobba 2

Kotigobba 2 is turn out to be one of the hit movies which is latest released in both Tamil and Kannada language. The movie is being directed by K.S Ravikumar. The movie is being produced by Rockline Venkatesh in the Tamil language and M.Babu in the Kannada language as the Kotigobba 2, but quite shocking thing is that it is not the sequel of the first part of Kotigobba.

Kotigobba 2

The movie is having a great and amazing story in it, which is all about two guys who looks same but their activities and way of living is just earth and the sky. Shivam who is like a robin hood, one who loots the money from the filthy rich person and then later gives ll the money to the poor peoples. The biggest thing is that his looks are similar to Sathyam, who is just opposite to him. Sathyan who is a kind-hearted and docile youngster and does a simple work of real estate for his living and he have a lover too Shuba which is being portrayed by Nithya Menon, she is very brave and courageous to stand against what is wrong and can go against all the odds for proving the truth.

When Sathyam comes to know about his look-alike he himself files a case against Shivam and then all things comes into the hands of a corrupt officer being played by P.Ravi Shanker. He is too confused about all this situation and suspects that Shivam and Sathyam might not be two people and this whole game is played by an only single person who is trying to have a dual identity. He tries to justify this situation but he doesn’t have the proofs and evidence to have this claim against the front of anyone.

The whole story if full of comedy thrilling action and suspense till the things become clear about this dual identity. The movie total collection till now is good and the response from the critics and audience is good too. The collection of the movie is given below:

The very first day collection of the movie Kotigobba is 6.5cr and the total collection of the movie in the four days have crossed almost 18crores which are very impressive and motivating too for the movie makers and producer. The movie is still going great and will go to have more of the great response in the coming days.

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