Krishnadasi 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Aradhya Tries To Attack Aryan


In the last episode of Krishnadasi, we had seen that Aryan is with Sharvani and getting close to her to make her confess the truth. They both then hear some sounds and felt strange. Nakku comes there to call them and Aryan goes to see. Nakku gets shocked to see Sharvani dizzy there. Aryan gets shocked to see Ardhaya with all her stuff and says that we don’t get any shelter till now. Aradhya says to him that this is the right moment for us to come here and you can stay here too.

KrishnadasiDavid come back to the house and Gayatri asks him that why is he taking help from Aryan. David is about, to tell the truth to her and then think that I can’t confess anything now. On the other side Sharvani comes out and Nakku is trying to manage her. She starts scolding Aradhya badly and says them to get out. Nakku made a video off all this and smiles. Sharvani pushes Ardhya and Aryan tries to manage her. She goes to slap Aradhya but Kumudini comes in between and says that no one can touch my Aaru.

Then Sharvani is about to slap Kumudini but Ardhya defends her and Aryan looks on Aradhya at this. Nakku takes Sharvani from there and Aryan manage Kumudini. Aradhya gets sad at this and Aaba¬†come to make her understand. He says that I can’t believe that Kumudini can get change. Aradhya gets sad and thinks on. Next morning Sharvani wakes up and see the money. Just then Aradhya comes to her and says that I am not angry with you for the last night incidence.

Sharvani thinks on and then calls Nakku. Nakku shows her the video and says that this can’t be a Maharani as she does not get in anger. Sharvani gets a doubt on Aradhya then. Ardhya is watching her pic and Aryan come to her. He takes off the garland from Aradhya’s pic but Aradhya tries to put her again. She then falls in Aryan’s arm and they both share eye lock. Sharvani is still thinking about Nakku’s words and search about Ardhya on the internet. She found nothing and gets in a strong doubt.

Then she comes to see Aradhya and gets shocked to see her playing with Kumudini. Ardhaya gets nervous to see Sharvani there and starts shouting on Kumudini. She reacts angrily with her and Sharvani says that she can’t be Aaru. In today’s episode, we are going to see Ardhya goes to kill Aryan but gets shocked to see her family there. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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