Krishnadasi 26th September 2016 Written Full Episode Updates Recap: Dancer Pours Kerosene To Burn Aradhya


In the going episodes of Krishnadasi we had seen, Sharvani is cooking in the kitchen. Kumudini is getting happy and says that now everything will get fine now. Aryan is thinking about Aradhya and remains sad. Then David and Gayatri come there and Kumudini gets shocked to see them. Gayatri says that we had come to call  our sister for Pag Phera. Kumudini taunts them but Sharvani says that I will go to meet them as per the rituals.

KrishnadasiUday comes to meet Aryan and wants to tell him about Aradhya’s truth. He then sees Sharvani peeping at them and change the topic. Aryan felt something unusual but then leaves when Sharvani comes to him. Sharvani throws the file in the dustbin but unable to look at the papers. Later on, Gayatri tells Aaba that Sharvani is ready to come but how can we make her tell the truth. Markhand thinks on at this.

In the jail, Aradhya is missing Aryan and says that hope he gets my note. Damini comes to her and asks her to eat food. Aradhya refuses and Damini thinks on. Aryan and Uday goes to meet the minister and he demands Aryan’s property for Aradhya’s bail and Aryan agrees to do so. In the house, Sharvani gets Ardhya’s note and thinks on. She then says that I won’t let anybody to fail my plan. She writes a letter and sends it to the dancer.

In the jail, dancer reads the letter and gets aimed. Damini comes to Aradhya and dancer and says that they have to welcome minister. Sharvani makes a plan to kill the whole Rao family and looks at the poison bottle. Ardhaya thinks on about Aryan.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Sharvani mix poison in the food and the whole family strangulates by it. Sharvani smiles at this. The dancer spread kerosene everywhere and Aradhya gets shocked by this. She asks her that what is all this. The dancer says that Sharvani told her to kill  Ardhya. Aradhya gets stunned by this and looks on. Now it will be interesting to see did Sharvani gets successful in her deed. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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