Krishnadasi 30th September 2016 Episode Written Updates: Aryan Feels Ardhya’s Presence


In the going episode of Krishnadasi, we had seen the story now taking a turn with the death of the whole Rao family and Sharvani gets successful in her plan by this. In the last episode, we had seen Uday and Aaba going to Aryan to tell him Sharvani’s truth. Uday gets in the house and signs Aaba. Sharvani sees them both and says that I can’t let anyone spoil my plan. She then says that Aryan is all mine now and I will not let anyone come in between.


Aaba and Uday then go to Aryan’s room and gets shocked to hear that Aryan is involved in Sharvani’s plan. Sharvani made Aryan eat the drugs and he is confessing the same as he feels dizzy. Uday and Aaba get  angry and then leaves from there. Sharvani smirks at this. Uday then thinks that this might be Sharvani’s plan again. Aaba asks him to accept the truth and says that now I will take the revenge from them and will kill their whole family.

The serial then takes a leap of 4 months and then Aradhya shows to get out of comma state. Aaba and Uday get happy seeing her fine and tells her everything when Aradhya starts questioning about the family. Aradhya gets stunned and then Aaba says to her that we have to take revenge for our sorrows now.

The serial further takes a leap of 2 months after which Aradhya is shown to turn as a lady who comes to that place to buy some land. Aaba is also with Aradhya and says that we have to perform the rituals now and we have to ruin the whole Kumudini’s family now. Meanwhile, Kumudini sends to the mental asylum by Sharvani.

In today’s episode, we are going to see the episode taking a new and interesting turn where Aryan and Ardhaya will be in the same market but was not able to see each other. Now it will be interesting to see did they can meet or what did Aradhya going to do next. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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