Krishnadasi 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Aradhya’s comeback As Maharani

In the last episode of Krishnadasi we had seen the story taking a big turn with the entry of Aradhya who come to take the revenge from Sharvani, Aryan and Kumudini. She says that i will not aimed that i will get all back to them which they had given me. She then come to Kumudini’s house with Aaba and recalls the moments of the past. She then says to Aaba that i can’t go there now. Aaba then leaves and Ardhya goes to her house.

KrishnadasiAaba and Aradhya gets sad to reacall the death of their family member. On the other side Sharvani is happy that miss Aaroon is coming to their house. Aaba and Uday urges to Aradhya to go into the auction. She neglets and Uday sends the lawyer there. They are watching the whole auction via camera recorder. The auction starts and Lawyer place the high bit. Aradhya and Aaba’s internet connection then went off and they gets tensed.

Kumudini come there and starts scolding Sharvani. She says that i iwll not let anyone to sell this house. Sharvani calls her amd and ask Nakku to take her inside. Nakku fumes at this and then take Kumudini inside. Then the connection get cleared again and Aradhya and Aaba felt relieved. Uday place the highest bit and get the haveli on miss Aaroon’s name. Aardhya gets tensed  by this and calls Uday. She says that you are really doing much for me.

Later on Sharvani gets happy and says that now all our problems is going to be solved. She then fumes at Kumudini and says that i have to make her aside of my way. She makes her eat tablets and Kumudini felt dizzy then. Sharvani then goes to Aryan and ask her to invite miss Aaroon on dinner. Aryan goes and meets Uday then. He gets happy and Uday accepts his invitation. Ardhya looks at Aryan and felt cried.

In today’s episode we are going to see Aradhya is thinking about her family and says that i will take revenge at any cost. She enters the house and everyone gets shocked to see her. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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