Krishnadasi 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Aradhya Slaps Aryan


In the last episode Krishnadasi, we had seen that Aradhya is talking to Uday and says that I have to be strong. Uday says to Aradhya that she have to do what she had aimed. He tells Aradhya that she must think about her aim now. Aradhya agrees and says that I have to concentrate towards my dream now. Then Uday asks what happen if they recognise you. Aradhya says to him to don’t worry she will gonna be a perfect princess.

KrishnadasiIn the house, Sharvani is getting excited and says to Nakku that we have to tie up this old lady so that she will not mess up the whole this tomorrow. They then tie up Kumudini to bed and goes. Next morning Aradhya and Uday are getting ready to go to Krishnavati’s house. In the temple, Aryan give money to the man and says him to go far away. Banwari and Markhand come to him and Aryan tells them about the princess.

He came back to home and Sharvani says to him that  we have to prepare well for Princess welcome. Aryan is showing no interest. On the other side, Banwari and Markhand go to meet princess to ask them for the job. Uday asks them to leave saying they will think about their job. Then Uday asks Aradhya to go. Aaba gets ready as a Sardar and goes to Kumudini’s house. He checks the whole house and gets shocked to see Kumudini’s state

Then he tells Sharvani that princess is about to come here. Aradhya comes there and everyone gets shocked to see her. Aryan tries to get close to her but Aaba pushes him away. Then Sharvani welcomes them but she is till shocked. Aryan looks on at Aradhya and Aradhya tries to stop herself. She sees her pic on the wall and gets emotional. She then tells everyone about her story. She tells that how her sister betrayed her and she had come to take revenge from her. Sharvani gets stunned at this.

In today’s episode we are going to see Aryan goes to Ardhya and says that she is not understanding him properly. He asks her that why is she hiding. Aradhya pushes Aryan away and slaps him hard. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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