Krishnadasi 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Shravani Sees Aradhya’s Foot


In the last episode of Krishnadasi, we had seen Aradhya says to Sharvani that I want to see the whole haveli. Aryan smile at this and says Sharvani to serve the food. He goes to show the whole haveli to Aradhya. He shows all the places and tells the memories link with that place. Aradhya gets emotional but stops herself thinking I should not lose my temper. Then Aryan takes her to his room and says that I shared my lovely moments with Aradhya here.

KrishnadasiAradhya looks on the stuff and says that I don’t want to see all this and don’t even want to know that what time did you spend with your family. She then asks Aryan that I want to meet some elders in the house. Aryan smiles and says that there is my Aaji and she is my everything. Aryan is taking Aradhya to Kumudini’s room. Sharvani gets tensed at this and says that I have to stop them both.

Ardhya gets shocked to see Kumudini and is about to react but Kumudini comes there and lies to them. She says that I had come here to see all things. He then sends Aryan and Aradhya goes to Aaba. Aaba asks her that did she like the house. Aradhya is still lost in Kumudini’s thoughts and goes to see her. She comes to Kumudini and says that you had become like this. Aryan come there and Ardhya starts scolding him. Aryan says that why are you being so tensed for her.

Aryan shouts on Aradhya and says her to tell the truth. All other then come there and gets shocked when Aradhya slaps Aryan. She says that I don’t want to do any kind of deal like this. Aryan ask her that he wants proof and you have to show your foot as Ardhya have a mole on her foot. Sharvani checks Ardhya feet and Aaba gets tensed. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Sharvani remains silent when Aryan ask her about the mole. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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