Krishnadasi 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Aradhya Gets Angry On Shravani


In the last episode of Krishnadasi, we had seen Aryan is arguing with Uday and says that she can hide her identity but she can’t hide the mole. Then Sharvani comes out and says that there is no mole. Aryan gets shocked at this and says that how can this is possible. Aryan then says that I will look it by myself. Aradhya gets angry and says that I will cancel this deal as you are behaving oddly with me. Sharvani apologises to her and takes Aryan.

KrishnadasAaba is with Aradhya and says that how did you hide that mole. Aradhay tells that in the fire her leg gets burn so that the mole gets disappeared. Aaba says that we get so tensed about you. Later on, Kumudini gets out from her room and gets shocked to see Aradhya. She goes to her and hugs her. She then says to devaan that he is Aaba. Sharvani gets in anger and says that she is mad. Sharvani starts dragging Kumudini and Aradhya gets in anger. She slaps her and then apologises. Aradhaya then says to Kumudini to go in her room as she will come and meet her later.

After then they make the deal and Sharvani gets happy to see the money. Ardhya smirks and then leaves. In the night Sharvani is smiling at Kumudini and says that I am waiting for this moment and now it come to me. Aradhya comes there and says to Sharvani that I will give you more money but you have to sell your husband to me whom I will treat like a servant. Sharvani gets greedy to see the money and says that I will give you anything and anyone.

Aryan goes to meet a man and he is David actually. He tells him about Aradhya and David says that why don’t she believing you. Aryan says that she will believe when I prove myself right. He asks David to go and come back to the house. He goes to Sharvani and says that he is happy today to become so rich. Sharvani smiles and they both drink. Aryan ask her intentionally about the incident when Roa family gets died and the jail gets to fire. Sharvani blames Markhand and Banwari for this. Aryan is recording the whole and says to Sharvani that we will get the right criminal in front soon.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Aryan gets aimed and says to Ardhya that Sharvani is drunk. Sharvani is not in her senses and badmouths against Ardhya. Aryan ask her to apologise but she scolds her back. Ardhya gets in anger with this and looks on at Sharvani. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.


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