Krishnadasi Watch 21st September 2016 Episode: Kumudini Ask Aryan To Make Mangalsutra Wear To Shravani

In the last episode of Krishanadasi we had seen, Aryan is getting worried for Aradhya and ask about her to Uday. Uday says that I will marry her and will make way for you and Sharvani. Aryan thinks and says that I have to find her as she can’t do this. Aaba then comes there and Aryan gets tested seeing them injured. Aaba says that we met an accident with a car. They then say that Sharvani is gone to catch Jairaj and her and Aradhya’s life is in danger.

Sharvani is seeing properties paper and says that I will not give this to Raj as I deserve this. She then tells Aradhya that Raj in his room and wants to kill her. Aradhya gets inside the room and gets into an argument with him. Raj says that I will kill you both. He says that it is my dream and now no one will snatch this from me. Sharvani calls Damini and asks her to come to Kumudini’s house.

Aradhya and Uday come to Kumudini’s house searching Aradhya and ask Kumudini about her. Kumudini signs towards the Sharvani’s room and they both start knocking the door. Damini comes there as well. Raj had grabbed Sharvani and is about to kill her. He says Aradhya to not open the door. Aradhya snatches the gun from her and says points towards him. She then shoots at him and the moment gets stopped.

Damini and all other come inside and Damini arrests Aradhya then. Aradhya and Aryan look at each other and Aryan says to her that I will save you. Later on, Aryan comes to Aradhya and Aradhya complaints him that why did he taking care of her now as he is going to get married. Aryan gets fumes at this and went away.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Aryan is getting married to Sharvani and Aradhya is standing alone. Now it will be interesting to see that did Aryan and Aradhya’s love story gets an end like this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishanadasi like this.

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