Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Zee Tv: Abhi Holds Pragya Closer

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and we see aaliya informs all that abhi just remember things before 2 and half years ago as he is remembered my exams and asks dadi to go inside, abhi was calling her. Doctor says its good they got to know that how much he remember and pragya thinks that he doesn’t remember her and their marriage, she recalls their happy moments and cries. Purab and dadi enter the wars and abhi asks them how are they? They say good and ask about him, he says he is fine but since when he is here? Purab asks him not to take stress and just have rest.

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi says to purab that he was upset with him but cant remember why? Then he says that he will perform in concerts and sings a song. Purab thinks that he became like before if he doesn’t remember pragya then how she will live. There tanu confirms aaliya again and again is that true coz she is unable to believe that pragya is out of their live and asks aaliya to hold her if she falls with happiness, then? Aaliya says that he doesn’t remember that her engagement with purab was broken and his marriage.

Tanu says that it means he loves me madly. They say that they will get everything now as life has given them second chance. Tanu says that she will marry him and get him. Then tanu is going to meet him but aaliya stops her saying that she was a supermodel when he loved her but now she has fat due to miscarriage. Then pragya comes there and says that they must be very happy but he will get his memory back as her heart is saying but aaliya stops him and says that it will never come back and we will get what we wanted. And says that she feels pity on her as she is wiped out from his memory, now she will be his lovely sis and tanu his wife.

Pragya is in shock and asks doctor to do something as he couldn’t remember her but doctor says that give him some time, now he will live like before, and asks her to not to meet him as she is not in his memory. Purab says how to make him remember that he is married then dadi asks is that any way for that? There sarla is happy and makes halwa for pooja. Abhi gets flashes of accident in his mind and asks about the place of accident from aaliya and she tells lonavala and asks him not to take stress as he remembers his family and fans. Pragya is about to fill kumkum in her maang but stops and cries in front of god saying that god saved him but he doesn’t remember her, she can see him, hear him but cant talk to him. She asks god to give her strength to wait for him for her whole life and cries badly…..

Precap: we will see abhi holds pragya closer and stare each other, and a song plays……..

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