Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online Recap: Pragya Ready To Leave Abhi’s House

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and wee see aaliya and tanu taunting pragya at abhi’s home that pragya has to leave now. But pragya thinks worriedly that should she stay there or not? She thinks that she may be not in abhi’s memory but she is in her heart and soul. They continue to taunting her that her leaving here is the need of time and situation and s right option. They say that all other relation are in abhi’s memory accept her so she should leave from here for abhi’s mental condition and health.

Kumkum Bhagya

Then pragya says that she will stay there but away from abhi’s eyes so that she can prevent him from evil eyes. And then she can be assured of his safety and well being without even having to be in front of him. But they say that is not possible and start packing her stuff out to throw it out from abhi’s room. Then granny comes and feels bad seeing prgya being chided and teased like this. Then she takes pragya from there and pragya says that what happened to her and complains to her that how they are plotting again and she pours out that she got married to him to keep his life happy and stable. But when she sees granny tensed and asks her what happened then she begs to forgive her but pragya has to leave from here now for abhi’s health and happiness.

She says that she has to do this sacrifice for him and says that she is not separating her from him and folds her hands in front of her to cooperate. Then pragya comes into her request and becoming sad waks out. Then comes to her room and starts packing up recalling her every memory with abhi and his room. She gets emotional and tears comes to her eyes when she stands up, that moment freezes on her tensed face…….

Precap: we will see a romantic dance song on which abhi and pragya dance on a stage in hall, in splitude, and they both have an eye lock…….

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