Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2016 Written Episode Abhi and Pragya Enjoy The Game

In the last episode of Kumkum bhagya we saw that Nihil was talking to Aaliya about the next step he is about to do and then the outcomes if he get caught by Abhi. He also tells that he has already kidnapped Pragya, Aaliya when listens to it gets very angry and calls this thing a big mistake. She warns him about Abhi and his anger and gives him an example from The Ramayan.

Nikhil too scold him that why did you kidnapped Dr.Sheela’s daughter, He also tells that the Dr. knows Pragya and she has come there while following her. He too calls her idiot, He gives and idea that my mind will work after drinking and some rest too.

kumkum bhagya

Abhi got concerned about Pragya, because of not answering his calls or telling him about it. Pragya thinks that Abhi will search her somehow and also thinks that Abhi will believe on Tanu. She thinks that he will come here after searching her because he loves her, and thinks that how to make him know that she is kidnapped.

Then Dadi goes to the house of Pragya and greets all of the family members. She also asks and says that ‘i’ve come here to talk to Pragya’ but everybody tells her that she didn’t come here. Dadi gets so much worried after listening to this. Everybody asks to Dadi that did you know about her and she tells everything to them.

After listening to this Sarla gets shocked. Everybody convinces her and says that she might get late and will be on her way to home. While Pragya tries to speak and yell for help, one of the goons notices it and tells that she wants to say something but everybody denies to notice it.

Nikhil comes there and opens her mouth and listen to what she wants to tell she says that Abhi will going to come to save her anytime and also warns him of Abhi’s anger. Nikhil gets very shocked to get a call from Pragya and thinks that why is she calling him right now.

Abhi was very shocked because of this incident and was crying in her room. Abhi and Pragya were playing a game together, but she also warns him that are you sure you want to join and play this game and she also says that if she wins they will be know as true lovers.

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