Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2016 Online Episode: Tanu Tells Abhi Was Shocked

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In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw that Abhi saw Pragya with her last ex-boyfriend Champak and goes from there. Tanu moved behind him and asked him that Tanu is romancing secretly with her ex-boyfriend. Tanu thought that now Abhi will doubt on Pragya and will move closer to her. But Abhi didn’t showed any expression like that. Abhi recalled the best and romantic moments of him with Pragya.

Abhi thought that Pragya moved on in her life before he took his first step towards her. Pragya moved to Abhi but he moved on from there. Pragya kissed the bouquet thinking that Abhi sent this for her. Abhi looked that shockingly. Tanu came to Nikhil and said that their plan started working now as Abhi started hating Pragya. Tanu said that I want to hear Abhi and Pragya’s fight.

kumkum bhagya images

Nikhil replied that something big will happen now when Abhi will blame Pragya for conspiracy and he will kick her out of the home. Pragya thought that Tanu provoked Abhi and thus he left from here. Rachna asked Pragya that Dadi made the plan in which Abhi will propose you in front of all. Pragya was happy and thought that Abhi is shying to say this in front of her and everyone.

Now in today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya we will see that Tanu will say that Abhi is shocked to see chits in the bouquet written with Champak on it. Pragya will get shocked of hearing this. Abhi will sad to think that Pragya moved on in her life.

Tanu will also say that Abhi saw Champak name on the chit and wondered that who is Champak. The upcoming updates will live in the upcoming episodes till then stay tuned with The News Recorder and others updates like this.

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