Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Zee Tv Online: Pragya Get Job In Abhi’s Office

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and we see abhi listing pragya in his arms and dancing with her and they stare at each other, pragya sees him gone and sits down cryingly. Sarla asks jnaki to open the door and they se pragya and asks her to come inside. They asks her for water and pragya tells them everything that abhi has lost his memory and if we try to make him remember about his marriage then he can slip in coma. She says that she left for his sake as dadi said her. She goes to her room and cries seeing their marriage pics and fuggi toy. Sarla cries seeing her pain.

Kumkum Bhagya

Beeji says that it was okay when abhi and pragya had fight but atleast they were together then sarla says that they will pass this test too and reunite again, and they pray for them. Abhi plays music in his room and aaliya comes and appreciates him. She says that she has a offer for him of 2 crore rupees but she will have half of his earning but he says that its a beneficial offer and all his earnings is for her and dadi, she hugs him saying he is the best. There beeji and sarla talks about pragya and gets worried. Sarla says that she wont take her medicines as the things getting costly and they will not tell pragya that their kumkum bhagya marriage hall is sold.

Pragya hears them and thinks that why couldn’t she see their problems as their marriage hall is sold now, so maa is stopping her medicine. She thinks to do some job and earn money, and to convince them for letting her to do job. There purab asks dadi that guilty people are ruling in this house and pragya is suffering outside. they should do something to make abhi remind about her but dadi asks him not to do anything coz its risky for abhi as doctor said. But abhi says that he have to do something to expose aaliya but agrees after dadi’s denying. Then dadi prays to god to make abhi fine and she is becoming selfish in everyone’s eye. Then purab collides with aaliya and says sorry. She stops him and says that abhi has forgiven her so he should also do and start a new fresh.

Purab denies to marry her and goes, then she thinks that he will have to bend as he is showing ego and goes to meet tanu. Tanu asks tanu that abhi asked about her? and she says yes he is same as before and tanu worries that if pragya comes back then? aaliya promises her that now she will not come back for his well being and only tanu will be in his life….

Precap: we will see abhi asks dadi that why he is getting hiccups, when dadi and aaliya are here then who is far and remembering him, dadi looks on……

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