Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2016 Written Updates Episode 693: Tanu Blames Pragya


In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw that Sarla was worried about Pragya. Sarla got intuitions that Pragya surely is at Abhi’s house. Sarla called Pragya and asked where he is ? Purab said he is with Abhi in Dussehra celebration. Purab asked her where is Pragya ? Sarla replied that she is in her office. Abhi was standing in front of Raavan and had a severe headache, he recalled some memories of his past.

Pragya asked what happened ? Abhi said it seems like nothing is happening, he forgot something. Pragya got to know that Abhi is trying to recall his past. Abhi said he saw that he was tensed and asked why was he tensed ? Pragya and Abhi had some loving arguments. Pragya started laughing and Abhi was thinking why she is laughing at him. Dadi called Purab and asked him did Sarla and others knows that Pragya is working as Abhi’s secretary.


Purab said they all are unaware of this all. Tanu asked Aaliya that she can’t wait to see Pragya died. Tanu was eagerly waiting for Pragya’s murder. Pragya was hiding behind Abhi. He asked Pragya that why he is following him. The sharpshooter made himself ready to shoot by hiding behind Raavan statue. Abhi was standing with Pragya and he noticed gun aim light on Pragya. Abhi gets confirmed that the shooter is behind him. He asked Pragya to stand erect and not to move.

Abhi and Pragya were standing there and when the sharpshooter shot, Abhi took Pragya and fell down on the ground. The shooter escaped from there. Everyone got alert by this and Abhi asked the security that a shooter is there behind Raavan’s statue. Dadi got tensed by this. Tanu came and said I will be with Abhi in each second.

Now in today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we will see that Tanu will try to be smart and save in front of all and Dadi will ask that she knows her Ramayan by heart. Tanu will blame Pragya for this all and will ask that everything happened just because of you.

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