Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Zee Tv Recap: Pragya Thinking About Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and we see pragya thinks to leave so that abhi cant see her but sara asks her where she is going and she says that she has an urgent work as her mummy called her. But she stops her saying that abhi is here and she has to be here as office is not for her house works. Pragya tries to convince her but she asks pragya to keep bag and come with her. Abhi sees her again and she turns her face. Sara asks her to stand there itself and abhi gears to record songs, pragya looks at him. When he is done, everyone claps and a composer says that he is 200% sure about this song and he asks pragya about hows it?

Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya says that its good and have become my favorite, abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder and winks his eye lashes. He says that his song will be hit as his fans are crazy about him. Pragya nods and goes. He then says that what happened to her and asks for full payment saying its the demo, he will record the whole song after full payment and goes. There aaliya applies lotion on her hand and tells tanu about its burnt coz of stupid receptionist. Tanu asks aaliya to create the scenario again when abhi was mad about her and says that when he shall see my beauty and get mad about me again. Aaliya agrees. There pragya sees abhi’s poster and says that she doesn’t have to run from him as he was looking normal when she saw him. And abhi’s female fans asks for autograph and he refuses to give and says that he will give to some special fans as he knows who is mad about him from heart and who is not. Abhi sets pragya’s specs saying that special fans are near to his heart and pragya stares at him. Pragya imagines her hand forwarding and abhi gives autograph holding it, kaisa ye ishq hai plays…. She thinks that she is special to him as he knows what is in her heart for him.

Abhi goes saying he will be back but cant give autograph and pragya blushes seeing him. Then sara talks on phone and says that she is leaving in 15 mins. She comes to pragya and sees her staring at her hand. She asks her to not to take it wrong as its only autograph not his heart, he is rockstar. She asks her not to take dreams of him and to go to home as its 7 pm already.

There beeji plays game in phone and sarla comes and tells her that pragya has called her to meet in afternoon but didn’t come, then beeji says that might be she stuck somewhere. Then pragya comes home and sees her hand, sainyyarra re plays…. and she thinks about how he hold her hand and says that5 she is special fan for him and is near his heart. She sees his pic and smiles and recaals abhi saying that he will keep party for her as he wants to show people how much he loves her…..

Precap: we will see pragya tells sarla that she will make food for all as a punishment and holds the stuff with changing autographed hand and beeji asks her that why she changed her hand to hold the stuff and she looks on……

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