KumKum Bhagya 1st August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Zee Tv: Abhi Drives Pragya’s Car

KumKum Bhagya

The show starts and we see pragya is telling abhi that its very difficult to act in front of him then abhi asks that’s why you put my finger in hot tea and tells her that he has planned to purpose her but champak came in between but now he says he is very happy to see that smile on his fuggi’s face and asks her to smile always and tells her that he wants to throw a party for his fuggi and their union and plans everything that he will call everyone and will tell the world that how much he love his fuggi, pragya asks him about his savings for this party then he replies that he doesn’t need to be worry as she is with him and will manage all the things and says that they will celebrate dai’s and purab’s birthday also as they have missed them coz of champak and asks her to wear specs on the party then pragya says him to inform dadi that they are together.

KumKum Bhagya

On the other side Nikhil deals with car mechanic and asks him to fail the brakes of car of given address and no one should know about it and promises to give 3 times more money and mechanic agrees to do and Nikhil thinks that he will check if pragya is alone or someone will come and save her. Abhi says pragya to call dadi and inform herself as she supported her always then he sneezes and seeing this pragya goes to make kaadha for him but he lifts her in his hands and takes her to kitchen and says I will help you in making but pragya gets him out saying I cant make if you are here.

There aaliya tells purab that pragya has snatched her family from her and that’s why she is helping tanu and Nikhil then purab tries to make her understand to not to do this and advised her to be changed but she says that if he say that he loves her only then she can change for her and she will not help tanu else he will be the responsible for what about to happen and purab says that you can change but cant get my bulbul back and that’s why he will hate her always and says that he is happy with his brother abhi and dadi’s love he doesn’t need her love and she leaves.

Abhi thinks about how tanu befooled him and I came in her acting and didn’t listen to my fuggi but now I will ruin aaliya, Nikhil, and tanu and will not let them come near of his fuggi. Then Nikhil comes and sees the car and peeps through the window and thinks for perfect murder as she is alone but pragya goes to abhi taking that kaadha and abhi asks her about their babies name which he has thought but pragya laughs and asks him to drink that kaadha and he drinks and he asks for having honeymoon there as they should have a baby but pragya refuses and says we should inform dadi and maa before it and abhi says lets go inform them and then we will come back there soon and hugs each other.

There Nikhil asks mechanic that has he done his work? he says yes he has failed brakes of car and accident will happen after 10 min of starting car and Nikhil gives him money and purab tries to call abhi and wants to warn them about upcoming danger but abhi doesn’t pick call. Abhi thinks to bring breakfast for pragya as she is bathing. aaliya and tanu gets the call of Nikhil and he tells about the brakes of car and asks them to make arrangements for celebrations but aaliya tells him that purab got to know about their plan and left the home to save her even after she tried to stop him. then he says anyone have to die either pragya or purab. Pragya comes after bath and looks for abhi but she cant find him anywhere and gets a letter there it says that abhi is gone to market to bring breakfast for them and she smiles with happiness…….

Precap: We will see abhi sits in pragya’s car and petrol is leaking from it and there pragya fills kumkum on her forehead…………..

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