KumKum Bhagya 21st July 2016 Written Episode Updates: Tanu Threatens Pragya

KumKum Bhagya

The last episode of KumKum Bhagya started with Dasi and Tanu were arguing about whether the baby will be saved or not because it will definately going to risk the life of the mother. Nikhil comes and tells that Dr can save only one the mother or the daughter. The family members starts taking out the reason for the accident and punish the culprit. Tanu says that if you will believe it or not but the person who is behind the accident is Pragya, Dadi didn’t agrees to it and says that she just can’t do this to anyone.

KumKum Bhagya

Tanu was very angry over this incident and says that nobody will going to believe me or y sayings about Pragya and his acts. Nikhil was then confronted by everyone and was asked to tell the truth behind the incident, he says that Pragya was in the car and was driving the car rashingly because she doeswant to hurs her. Pragya prays for Tannu and her baby and says that you just have to wait at the chemist shop. They all start arguing on who is the culprit and who is driving the car Purab was on the side of Tanu and with Nikhil they all says that there are so many eye-witnesses there who can give their statements about the incident.

Nikhil was confirmed of Pragya’s act and was confirmed that she is behind everything what has happened to Tanu and her baby. Beeji calls Sarla and ask her to pick Dadi’s Sarla picks it up. and she give her the shocking news that Tanu’s baby has died in the accident. Pragys have’nt talked to Abhi yet about this topic, and she also tells that she doesn’t have the courage to tell him. Abhi was in a deep shock after all this accident which has killed his baby.

Doctors have given permission to the family members of Tanu to take her home. When Abhi comes to the room of Tanu to talk to her about her condition she gets very angry and tries to turn him out of the room, but he argues to him and says that the baby is mine too. Tanu still was very angry from him and blames him for the death of her child, she also tells that you were the one who was helping Tanu in doing all this and now you’ve achieved what you wanted to do. She threatens him of telling the truth to the family that they both have caused the death to the child.

Tanu asks Pragya to go away from Abhi’s life and she also tells him that all the relationships of the marriage didn’t go on good tracks some of them have bad endings too.

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