Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode Zee Tv: Pragya Might Return Abhi’s Property

Pragya was telling Abhi that she remained quiet in the hospital but now she will tell him everything. She says she hasn’t done anything. Tanu says yes now you will say that I kidnapped you. She says you have killed my child. Pragya says yes I will tell him. She says that you kept the child in your womb because you wanted a lavish life. Abhi and Tanu ask her to leave. Abhi says he doesn’t want anyone around him and asks both of them to leave.

Tanu and pragya have a cat fight. Tanu says Abhi thinks it’s his baby who doied, so the more you will try to defend yourself the more he will hate you. She says it’s time for you to go. She emotionally blackmails her and says that some stories don’t have a happy ending. It will be best for Abhi that you leave.

Sarla is in tension. She thinks she can’t see her daughter in this state and decides to tell everything to Abhi. Biji stops her from going as it’s not the right time to discuss this as the family has lost their baby.

Nikhil brings his goons as eye witnesses and tells everyone that they have seen Pragya doing the accident. Dadi asks him to say the truth. Nikhil shows Dadi a picture and goons confirm that she was driving the car. Dadi slaps him and asks him to stop lying. Goons go away.Nikhil gives them money and ask them to leave the city.

Purab and Dadi decide to do something for Pragya. Pragya  asks Abhi to not feel guilty. He refuses to talk to her. He says whenever I see you I get reminded of my baby. He asks her to go away. He closes the door. Pragya cries outside.

Pragya decides to tell him the truth as he will not be able to emerge out of his grief until he gets to know the truth.


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