Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Zee Tv Online: Aaliya Controlling Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and we see Abhi asks his fan why did abhimanyu forget the way? Pragya thinks that she told him that story, and a girl asks him who is abhimanyu. Abhi says its not benefit to tell if they don’t know and blindfolds them and asks that they have a good chance to meet their star. Pragya says that how he know abhimanyu and he says sometimes we just know the things but don’t know why and how? Pragya was about to come there but saira stops her saying boss is there.

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi asks them to find his band and they couldn’t find. He says they don’t deserve him but one contestant is left and jokes with pragya saying her chashmish. He blindfolds her and tere sang yara plays… Then pragya tries to find it and she finds it. Then abhi asks how she found it Abhi says she did cheating and asks her to find it again blindfolding her. He says all to turn and takes out band from it.

Pragya says that band is not in it and he says its there putting it again there. She holds it and he says its not that. She says its the same and abhi asks all to clap for his big fan. He says she deserves a selfie with him but she refused to click. But he takes it forcefully. Then someone come and informs that aaliya came and he ties his band but pragya stops and says that tie it on left hand. She worries about aaliya and he says he will not forget her as she is fan no. 1. . There purab comes to sarla and beeji and they get glad seeing him, they laughs joking on beeji. He asks where is pragya and they tells him that she joined a office and he gets upset with her saying she didn’t tell him.

Sarla makes tea for him. There abhi and aaliya talks to mr. sethi to give money before recording and he refuses. They then asks him is he wants good gfor his company or loss? Pragya sees this and thinks aaliya is controlling abhi again. Aaliya says to mr sethi that abhi has no future dates free for him, if he agrees to them only then they will come back and leaves, Mr sethi thinks about it.

In next show we will see aaliya says to sairaa that mr sethi showed ego and cancelled the deal now he will see the result of it…..

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