Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates Zee Tv: Abhi Talks To His Dadi About Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya

In the last episode Pragya thought to leave because she can’t hurt Abhi. Tanu told Abhi that she will always be with Abhi. Pragya came there and said that she was leaving this house. She said that she came to return Abhi’s property papers. Pragya said that she didn’t came for money. Tanu thought that she is getting everything after his baby’s death. She thought the first she got Abhi and she will get his property slowly. Pragya thought that she should not tell Dadi about this else she will stop her. Pragya recalled their marriage. Abhi was said and think about Pragya. Pragya prayed to lord Ganapati and asked him to take care of Abhi.

Kumkum BhagyaAbhi came out of is room and saw Pragya was standing there. Tanu came and kept her hand on his hand. He went inside. Abhi sits sadly in his room. Abhi recalled their romantic moments. Beeji told Sarla that rail will start. Pragya came there. Pragya said that she came to her house for the betterment of everyone. Beeji said to Pragya that she have to expose Tanu’s lie and prove her truth.

Sarla said to Pragya that this is her house and she can stay there. Pragya cries in her room. Tanu asked Abhi to open door. Then she thought to leave him alone for sometime. Tanu thought that Abhi and his all property is her. She thought to take up modelling again. Tanu thought to romancy with Abhi in his room and will romove Pragya’s memories from Abhi’s heart. Tanu informed Aaliya that Pragya left home.

In today’s episode Abhi tells his Dadi that Pragya did wrong with him. She snatched his fatherly emotions or rights from him.

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  1. When will kumkum bhagya finish. never seen such a stupid show. no one can still let that sissy abhi always crying and cant decide.

  2. in truth when will show ever end. please stop this drama
    but I love this show and will still be the best………………………….