Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Zee Tv: Pragya Thanks Abhi For Give Her A Chance

Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya was leaving the house. Tannu gets the credit for making Pragya turn out and i had do this without anyone’s help. Aaliya ask a party. Purab hears all this. Sarla calls Dadi and says that why don’t you say the truth infront of all. Sarla says that Pragya do so much for you all and what did you do. Sarla says that Pragya had left everything and break all her relation. Dadi fell down on sofa. Sarla says that now i am too breaking all my relation with you. Dadi promises herself that i will get Pragya back when everything will get fine here.

Kumkum Bhagya

Dadi says to Purab that either Pragya will came back or Abhi too have to leave the house. She goes to Abhi and says that why are you not understanding, Pragya had done nothing wrong. She is the one who is there for you always how can you let her go. Abhi says that can’t you see what she had to me. She had snatched everything from me, even my baby too and you are saying all this. Dadi says that if you can’t live with her then we can’t live with you. Abhi says that you don’t have to leave i will leave from here.

Purab goes to Pragya and says that how can you leave Abhi. Pragya says that he don’t want me more he is more happy with Tannu. Purab says that you know about Abhi’s anger. He says that i just want you to be with him. Pragya says that Abhi said her to leave. Purab says, he thinks that he lost his baby and thinks about the pain he had when he lose his mom. Pragya felt worried at this. Purab says that Abhi had left the house.

Tannu, Nikhil and Aaliya are partying. Pragya come there and slaps Tannu. She says that now i will tell Abhi about all this. Tannu says that how will you tell him. Pragya shows them the video and says that i will show this to Abhi. They try to snatch her phone but failed.

Pragya come to house looking for Abhi. Dadi says that he had left the house. Pragya went out in search of Abhi. Tannu says to Nikhil that we had to kill Pragya else our true face come in front.

While Pragya was thanking Abhi for forgiving her and was about to tell something he shouts at her and make him stop in between.

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