Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Zee Tv: Pragya Asks Abhi To Drink Kada

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi was thinking about Pragya’s sayings to him and Pragya was saying him to take care of Dadi and make sure she is fine, Abhi starts looking for her, but when Dadi looks at him, she gets worried about him and tells that Purab went on for his search. Dadi when gets a call from Abhi ask him to come back home, but he denies because he is going to Delhi. She ask for Pragya but he denies to have her with him at that time, but really she was with him.

Kumkum Bhagya

Tanu was getting more and more un-stable and start thinking how to find both of them. She was thinking of start ordering him once she marries him. Abhi go cold and Pragya starts getting worried for him and try to cover him, but he does’t like it and says her not to worry, Pragya gives the sake of her neck-less and tells that they are sill one until they get divorce completely. She was completely into him but Abhi was trying not to show his love for her.

Dadi at home was getting tensed because she is worried for Abhi and Pragya and for their well being, Abhi was getting all the care from her and was falling on her side but his memories is not making him enjoy the moment, Pragya asks him to forgive his mistake and after a while they both starts remembering their older time with each-other and gets emotional.

Tanu gets the call of Nikki who was asking about Abhi’s where-abouts. Tanu was still very scared because Pragya still have her video with Nikhil, but she is not worried at all. Pragya asks Abhi to take care of his health and drink the anti-biotic which is made by her for his health and his cold, she also suggets to go back home because the rain has stopped, she also requests him to save the relationship with his Dadi which is getting bad with time.

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