Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2016 Written Updates Episode Zee Tv: Abhi Meets With An Major Accident

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and we see a cat crosses abhi’s way when he comes out of the house and he recalls dadi’s words that it is inauspicious to g when cat crosses way but he thinks that its all rubbish and he should bring breakfast and sits in the car and starts it thinking about tanu and calls her to release his frustration and she says that she was waiting for his call and was worried about him then abhi says that stop this non sense now I know your truth and only pragya loves me you just loves my money nothing else and she says that pragya is lying and she loves her and that video is also fake then abhi says that I didn’t tell about any video and stop proving your lie and don’t get me angry and says that she has taken much advantage of his goodness and thanks god that pragya came in his life and show her true love and adds when I was crying for the baby which was not mine, you were partying with your boyfriend Nikhil now I will send you to your boy friend and you don’t deserve me and also baby because you think of baby as burden and asks her to pass his message to her partners in crime aaliya and her bf Nikhil that I will ruin them and bring them on roads and you please don’t go away from house until I come coz I want to kick you out from there and will not see her and aaliya’s face as they are dead for us and now I will show each of you how to ruin and play with someone’s life and ends the call.

Kumkum Bhagya

Then she tells aaliya that abhi will not leave her as he got to know the truth and aaliya says that now I cant enter her house and pragya has planned to kill three of us and they think that is abhi with pragya? but Nikhil checked that she is alone then aaliya says that I think pragya told him everything on phone.

There purab calls abhi and he picks his call and says that I came to know how you helped pragya and dadi and did a lot for me but purab is tensed and asks him to hear him first and says that he heard aaliya tanu talking to Nikhil that they have done something in pragya’s car and planned something dangerous for her and asks him to call pragya right now and say not to sitt in her car abhi says ok I will and thanks him and says I cant return your favours in this birth but we will be brothers in next birth and gets shocked seeing the car he is driving and thinks that he might die before he could reach anywhere, and he asks purab to take care of his family and pragya and support them and purab says that he will do as he said but first asks him to call pragya…..

Precap: We will see abhi will call pragya and tells about the car and pragya says that she has applied kumkum of his name so nothing will happen to him and asks him that where is he as she will him but abhi says that its too late now and says he loves his fuggi and asks to take care of her and family then his phone falls as he loses balance of the car…………

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